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BANILA CO - Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original 180ml

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Hypoallergenic cleanser comes in a solid balm form that quickly transforms into silky oil upon touching skin. The soft, lightweight formula dissolves makeup and washes away impurities without stripping skin of essential oils. Its papaya and acerola extracts help to naturally exfoliate and brighten skin with Vitamin C. Best for normal, oily, dry and combination skin types.


    • Perfectly removes dirt and makeup residue.

    • Sherbet-like balm turns into oil upon contact with skin. No need to worry about spilling!

    • Removes heavy makeup in one single step.

    • Keeps skin hydrated after cleansing without a tight feeling.

    • Formulated with non-irritating ingredients.

    • No artificial colorings.

    • Brightens and nourishes skin.

    • Improves the appearance of skin while removing makeup.

    • Pocket-friendly.

    • A popular product over the past 10 years.


How to Use:

    1. Wash and dry hands before use.

    1. Dispense an appropriate amount on hand using the spatula.

    1. Melt the balm with your palms or fingers, then apply on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

    1. Gently massage face to melt the makeup, and emulsify the balm by adding a few drops of water.

    1. Rinse with lukewarm water.



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