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BANILA CO - It Radiant cc cream (Whitening Moisturizing Color Control Base) SPF 30 PA++

US$25 US$27
This award-winning CC cream��is a��nourishing makeup primer that is designed to transform your naked skin, covering flaws and imperfections��, leaving it hydrated, radiant, and dewy while it��blends into skin flawlessly.��It offers natural-looking coverage of skin's imperfections, evening out and brightening the complexion. And of course, it protects skin with its SPF 30 PA++ broad spectrum. The ���CC�۝ in CC cream stands for colour control or colour correction. While BB creams provide foundation-like coverage (and improve your skin with their��skin care functions), CC creams are designed to correct poor��skin tone��and act as a makeup base.��Covering bumps, wrinkles and other skin concerns. ��Banila CC Whitening Moisturizing Colour Control Base contains transparent capsules which are designed to make you skin looking instantly smoother and dewier.
It's really no wonder this must-snag CC cream is Banila Co.'s best seller and recipient of Get it Beauty Picks, Sure Beauty Awards, Cosmo Beauty Awards, and Allure Korea 2015.��

To Use
Use after basic skincare. Dispense 1 to 2 pumps of the CC cream and apply evenly all over face with a blender, brush, puff, or fingers. Blend thoroughly until desired coverage is achieved. Follow with your regular foundation or BB Cream


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