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Briskin - Real Fit SecondSkin Mask: AC Control

US$2.90 US$5
4th generation bio cellulose sheet.
Relieves the symptoms of skin problems.
Soothes and stabilizes sensitive skin.
Controls skin oil.
Reinforces skin barrier.
Balances the skin's oil/moisture ratio.
Serum Features
Everlasting flower extract
- Soothes and protects the skin.
- Fights against inflammation and redness.
- Revitalizes the skin.
- Lowers skin's sensitivity.
Common purslane extract
- Improves skin problems.
- Effective against inflammation.
- Tightens pores.
Tiger herb extract
- Effective against inflammation.
- Improves scars & dark spots.
- Helps circulation.
- Increases pores' firmness.

Suggested Use
1. After washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner, and put the mask according to face shape.��_��_
2. Remove around 15~20 minutes later, and tap the remainder essence lightly for absorption.


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