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Elizavecca - Milky Piggy Hell-pore Clean Up Enzyme Powder 80g

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● Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Enzyme Powder Wash is powder-type subacidity enzyme cleanser / A rich bubble solves dead skin cell care and cleansing at the same time.
● Allay a trouble skin sedative enzyme cleansing.
● Offers low irritation cleansing with rich foam.
● Removes skin impurities and dissolve dead skin cells with Papain.
● Its low pH5.5 helps with skin balance and provides long-lasting moisturising.
Suggested Use
1. Pour a proper amount on the palm and lather up with water then apply on the face.
2. Massage in a circular motion for cleansing then rinse off with lukewarm water clearly.


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