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Elizavecca - Real White Time Milk Cream 100ml

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Ultra-hydrating nourishes your skin
A like Goat milk looking complexion your skin
Key Point : Goat milk ingredients that increase skin moisturizing power
- Achieving flawless skin
- Oil moisture balance adjustment
- Skin moisturizing power Up

4 Main Components : Four main ingredients to help the ornate skin, It is good to know
Niacinamide : Pharmaceutical Agency Certification Containment of whitening functional ingredient
Vitamin C : Help nourish the skin
Shea Butter : Excellent moisturizing power
Goat Milk : Skin moisturizing power support
Suggested Use
After washing the face, use the toner to clean the skin.
Points to make it easy to beat easily appropriate amount of cream to part.
It shoots with squeezing.
Avoid eyes and mouth without unity, everyone apply thinly. (You can paint even throat for nature)
You should use it with the settlement of the foundation makeup before makeup.

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