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Imo - Organic Sanitary Napkin (Extra long/32cm/6pcs)


Organic Cotton ��__��__��_��_ Guarding the Ecosystem Just Like Ladybugs do. ��__��_��_

��__��__��_��_ Organic Cotton is made of cotton grown in healthy fields where no chemicals have been used for at least three years and only the organic fertilizers like cow dung are used.��__��_��_

��__��__��_��_ In the manufacturing process as well, no chemical materials including chemical paste, chlorine bleach and softener are used to employ a pure eco-friendly manufacturing method.��__��_��_

��__��__��_��_ With a glut of chemical sanitary napkins on the market, the pure natural Organic Cotton is there to keep women��__��__��_��_s period clean and carefree. ��__��_��_

��__��__��_��_ The product is made on the basic principle of helping protect women��__��__��_��_s health by using such cotton that is only grown in a 100% eco-friendly way.��__��_��_

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