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Innisfree - My Hair Recipe Moisturizing Hair Pack

1. Hair pack providing hydtration and nourishment with mositurizing and sleek recipe��__��_��_
Wash off type, intense nourishing care hair pack provides moisture and nourishment to dry hair with moisturizing and sleek recipe.��__��_��_
2. Natural protein from undiluted Jeju soybean juice and oil��__��_��_
The natural protein gives radiance and elasticity to the hair.��__��_��_
3. Use for 3 minutes once or twice a week for intensive hydrating and nourishing care��__��_��_
The increased treatment effect creates moist, smooth hair.��__��_��_
4. Deep hydrating and nourishing��__��_��_
Jeju camellia nourishes the hair, and Jeju green tea adds deep hydration to the hair together with hyaluronic acid and xylitol.

Suggested Use
Dry your hair with a towel after shampooing and apply an appropriate amount on the hair, especially on the ends and taking care to avoid scalp.��__��_��_
Wait 3~5 minutes to help the oil get absorbed into the hair before rinsing thoroughly with water.

People have different concerns with their scalp and hair. Your hair recipe according to your own scalp and hair concern!


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