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Mi and Su - The Perfect All-in-One Cleanser


A smart all-in-one cleanser: face cleanser, body cleanser, shampoo. All natural ingredients are carefully selected and manufactured.��__��_��_

NO to 6 harmful chemicals

Parabens,��__��_��_Artificial color, Chemical preservative,��__��_��_Synthetic incense,��__��_��_Synthetic preservative,��__��_��_Emulsifier, Ethanol

YES to Children, Pregnant women, Sensitive skin

How to Use |��__��_��_Pour a coin size on palm and rub it. Softly massage your face, body, and hair.

Full Ingredients | Purified water, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Glycerin, Potassium hydroxide, Cypress water, Propanthenol, Rosemary water, Green tea, Aloe vera water, Shea butter��__��_��_

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