Ohella - Neospin Cordless Bathroom Cleaner

US$54.99 US$66

Annoying bathroom cleaning, easy wirelessly

Cordless bathroom cleaner that makes cleaning fun every day with powerful rotation

Annoying bathroom cleaning, wireless and easy, improving clean bathroom environment

Components: Cordless bathroom cleaner, multi-purpose brush(set of 3), pipe connection (length adjustment), water resistance, maximum use time of 50 minutes, optimum rotation (220RPM)

skin*** I just replaced my bathroom cleaning brush with a vacuum cleaner and my quality of life has changed.

kkom*** It cleans meticulously with little force, so I'll try it sooner rather than later.

What if you can't afford to clean a cumbersome and difficult bathroom?

If you are worried about straining your joints, such as your back and knees, from cleaning for a long time, or if you are disappointed that it does not come clean even after cleaning,

Oella Neo Spin Scrubber

Overcome bathroom cleaning limits!
Innovative cleaning pleasure!

The perfect bathroom cleaner

It is possible to clean the sink, bathtub, toilet, and floor all at once.

Cordless use for easy cleaning

Since there is no power cord, it is more convenient to use when cleaning.

Press the power button to rotate the brush mounted on the front.
Complete cleaning with optimal rotation that does not splash water!

NeoSpin cleans dirty areas at 220 revolutions per minute.

3 types of multi-purpose brushes by cleaning type

Circular brush, flat brush, crevice brush

A round brush, for cleaning a large area, cleanly solves cleaning problems of large areas such as bathtubs, washbasins, and toilets.
A flat brush, for cleaning floors or walls, for cleaning bathroom floors and wall tiles, this is the perfect custom brush.

Gap brush, for cleaning crevices such as corners, cleanly removes dirt from crevices such as bathroom tiles or wall corners

Easy to clean even for short women and children

Adjustable length with extension pipe for cleaning hard-to-reach places

One-time cleaning without interruption, up to 50 minutes of use
Ultra-light weight that does not strain the joints

The weight of the product is about 0.86 kg, so it is very light, less than 1 kg, so it is convenient for women and children to use. Because it is light, it does not strain your wrist even if you hold it for a long time.

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