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Innisfree - Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream 30ml #10 (October)

1. Moist and refreshing formula without any stickiness��__��_��_
This hand cream has a moist formula that covers the entire hands, moisturizing them and quickly absorbed without leaving any stickiness or residue.��__��_��_

2. Long-lasting fragrance with semi-wax technology��__��_��_
This product applied the semi-wax technology used in candles and solid perfumes, retaining the fragrance of Jeju for a long time as if you��__��__��_��_re always wearing perfume.��__��_��_

*SEMI-WAX: This technology is used in making candles, giving off a fragrance as the wax is melted at a certain temperature after trapping the fragrance inside the wax. The intensity and staying power of fragrance are improved, conveying a rich scent for a long time.

Suggested Use
Apply appropriate amount on the hand and spread it all over the hand for moisturizing.

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