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Innisfree - Skinny Long Long Cara

Innisfree skinny microcara is a mascara that curls up hidden eyelashes and makes the eyes look beautiful and natural��__��__��_��_��_. It has 2.5mm-diameter brush that curls up each and every hidden eyelashes.��__��__��_��_��_ Also airlight powder, and fiber ingredients express long lashes. ��__��__��_��_��_Double coating system for stronger waterproof effect. Skinny microcara is wash-off type for easy cleansing with warm water��__��__��_��_��_. It contains various plants extracts that protects sensitive eye area. ��__��__��_��_��_��__��_��_
Suggested Use
1. Forcefully move in a zigzag as if pressing from the roots of eyelashes, curling up as you apply.��__��_��_
2. Erect the brush to thoroughly apply it to short lashes at the front and back.��__��_��_
3. You can create bigger and clearer eyes if you apply thoroughly it to the lashes under the eyes.

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