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Premint - Organic Mint Toothpaste


Toothpaste. Something that we use two times a day, 365 days a year.��__��_��_It remains in our mouth or sometimes we accidentally swallow it. We need to know what ingredients our toothpaste contains.��__��_��_

NO to 7 harmful chemicals

Parabens,��__��_��_Synthetic surfactant,��__��_��_Triclosan,��__��_��_Precipitated calcium carbonate, Emulsifier,��__��_��_Animal raw materials, Saccharin sodium

YES to Children, Pregnant women, One having weak teeth

Ingredients | Organic mint, Green tea extract, German chamomile extract, Sage extract,��__��_��_Eucalyptus��__��_��_extract


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