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su:m37 - White Award Bubble-De Mask

US$33 US$35

Three-in-One effect facial mask; brightening, deep pore cleansing and skin smoothing.

The ingredients of fermented NAPS, N-ACETYLPHYTOSPHINGOSINE, and Acai berry with effective antioxidant make your skin clear and vital. The Machihyeon extracts calm your skin.

This product contains NAPS, N-ACETYLPHYTOSPHINGOSINE and potent antioxidant Acai Berry which help create bright and translucent skin. The Portulaca extracts provide smoothing relaxation.


After washing face, pump and release an appropriate amount and spread evenly to the thickness of 2mm over the face except for skin around eyes. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
* After each use, clean off the pump head with a tissue and keep the cap tightly closed to minimize unwanted bubbles due to pollutants in hands.
* Store in a cool place.

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